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Animals that have lost their family, for whatever reason, often bond very quickly to a new loving family.  Most animals coming from abusive homes will typically, with proper care and attention, make a full emotional recovery.  These animals can end up being just as devoted and loyal as those coming from non-abusive situations.  Strays and “seniors” also adapt very quickly and are grateful for their new home.    Rescue organizations spend many hours caring for and getting to know the animals.  The animals are provided with training, medical care, rehabilitation, food and shelter and above all - compassion.  It is through these efforts that adopting a rescue animal is a worthwhile choice when looking for a pet.

Many of us enjoy the companionship of pets. These pet pals don't ask for much just a short list of basic needs such as food, shelter, veterinary care and of course our companionship. Pets offer far more in return, teaching us about love, improving our emotional and physical health, and providing us with unconditional affection and friendship.  Adopting a pet has lifelong benefits that a person will not regret. Giving these animals a second chance by helping them to join a loving family is a very rewarding.



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